Allied Health Practice Management Consultant

Streamlining your processes to ensure an efficient workplace

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What I can do for you...



Reduce both reception and clinician admin time with efficient streamlining of systems



Improve your client's experience throughout their full lifetime value



Improve financial tracking allowing for increased revenue and increased cash flow

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Why Me?

As a Physio we are trained to work as clinicians IN the business but not ON the business. Yet, the development of a successful Allied Health Practice requires Business knowledge and experience. 

Working as Practice Manager gives me knowledge, insight and enhances my skills in efficiently running a successful Physio clinic. 

Many Allied Health clinicians want to direct all their energy into clinical work rather than running the business. And why not? This is what we were trained to do. So here's where I come in.

I have been both the clinician and the business manager. This enables me to streamline your processes and improve your efficiency whilst ensuring the main thing is kept the main thing - your clients receive your excellent service.


Whether you're looking to kickstart a new practice or have an existing clinic that requires some rejuvenation, I can help you. 



  • HICAPS transactions

  • Online payments eg- Medipass, stripe etc.

  • Processing Medicare, DVA, TAC payments

  • Xero bookkeeping

  • Profit & Loss

  • Spreadsheets


Management Software

  • Convert from paper to digital

  • Switch to new software

  • Nookal setup

  • Optimising use of digital functions


  • Slack - team communication


Practice Management

  • Systemising processes

  • Procedures Manual

  • Increasing efficiency of processes

  • Digitising processes

  • Automation

  • Client communication

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  • De-cluttering work space

  • Emails & communication

  • Stock

  • Staff meetings

  • Internal communication

  • Building maintenance